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Our Work Together: My Vision Statement

Within each and every one of us is a quality of being, a clean slate of health and vitality, an identity unadulterated by the layers of accumulation we have amassed through the course of our lives.  Yet, those layers, those experiences, joys and traumas, illnesses and celebrations are part of who we are. How do they define our sense of Self?  Are we weighed down by the challenges?  Do we overlook the successes?  Can we look within and find space for change and growth?  Can we heal?

Yes, we can.

When I sit with you, my patient, for the first time, I do a thorough intake to piece together the puzzle that is your health history to see how it shows up as your present imbalances.  It’s a tall order as there are many levels to explore and make sense of.

Physical signs and symptoms are the most common incentive for patients to seek my care.  So let’s start there, shall we?

Dis-ease, illness and pain are a direct reflection of our inability to adapt and evolve fast enough to handle the physical, mental, and emotional demands we place on ourselves in our modern day lifestyles.  As a species, we have been on this planet a great long while.  Yet, it is really only in the last 100 years or so that the quality of the food we eat, the air we breathe, and the pace of daily lives has radically changed.  We have moved off the farm and into industrialized cities that have grown exponentially, teeming with people and cars, overflowing with concrete and steel, buzzing with wi-fi and stress.  We eat packaged processed food, artificially colored and flavored, so far divorced from its source we have lost all connection with its origins.

But we do have options!  The focus of much of my work is to help you reconnect to the basic rhythms of your own body similar to the rhythms of nature.  I help you identify what is in the way of those rhythms, what disrupts your body, mind and spirit from living with ease.  Working together, we find attainable and sustainable steps toward realizing such change.  We will focus our efforts on the things you can have the most control over:  the food you eat and the immediate space within which you live.  With the latest research in nutrition, and a thorough analysis of your health issues, we create a plan for self-awareness around your food choices.  Real change will never be sustained through an external imposition; that’s called a diet and diets do not work.  No, real change occurs when it is generated from within based on self-awareness and grounded guidance. And when it is your immediate living or working environment that poses a problem, we approach change the same way: slow, steady, reasonable and effective steps toward lasting change.  Evolution, not revolution.

Chronic physical imbalances are often the superficial expression of deeper patterns of emotional or spiritual stress or trauma.  One of the unique offerings that Chinese Medicine gives is its view of the effects of unresolved emotional holding patterns on specific organ systems.  At times, we may have a life experience that may be so disruptive and so hard to process, or we may not have the tools and resources to handle it at the time, that it may rob the strength of specific organ systems making us susceptible to physical imbalances.  My role here is to help you connect your mental and emotional challenges with your physical experience, to connect your mind and body, so that clarity for each can help lead you toward letting go of old, unproductive patterns in favor of lightness, self-compassion and ease.

My ideal course of treatment with patients is to design, through the initial intake, history, and examination, a course of treatment consisting of:

  • monthly customized herbal formulas that will help correct imbalances from within;
  • weekly acupuncture (when appropriate) to communicate directly with the body how it needs to function more optimally and to provide immediate symptom relief for pain and discomfort;
  • guidance around food and lifestyle change for greater empowerment and lasting change;
  • and, most importantly, inspiration to not only seek that change but to realize it fully. 

Ours will be a partnership, 50-50.  We will identify where you need the most clarity and support, create a course of treatment that makes sense and is achievable, and help you make choices that lead you toward an empowered lifestyle where better self-care will become second nature.

May you be happy.
May you be healthy.
May you live with ease.
And may you help those in need.


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