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Jordan is personable and professional. He's very thorough in his intake, and extremely patient in listening. He's gentle in needle application, and his herbs are top notch. I've been twice, and will go back. His follow-through is caring and consistent without being pushy. Happy to have found him. His West L.A. location is central, and parking has been easy.

RP, Los Angeles

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After several years of fighting colds and various other illnesses on a near monthly regularity I was referred to Jordan by a friend.  One of the single best decisions I've ever made was to visit Jordan.  Not only did the constant fight against illness stop, Jordan helped me get through a handful of other general health concerns.  Jordan has guided me to a healthier being than I've ever been in my life.  I cannot express enough gratitude to him.  He's knowledgeable, skilled, patient, thoughtful, great with follow up and one of the most balanced individuals I've had the pleasure of knowing.  Jordan should be the first call for anyone looking to be healthy.

KT, Jurupa Valley

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In the late summer and early fall of last year I began experiencing increasingly painful periods. I was bleeding very heavily, taking up to twelve Advil per day without relief, and very concerned about what was happening in my reproductive tract. I had just moved here in May and therefore I did not yet have a gynecologist here. I knew if I did they would suggest that I take oral contraceptives, which I do not tolerate, or get an IUD, which I did not want. One of my patients told me Jordan Hoffman helped her resolve recurrent yeast and urinary tract infections. I set up an appointment and expected to receive acupuncture treatments for my symptoms. Instead, we discovered some interesting things that correlated with my gynecological demise.

My work suddenly became very busy very fast. I was eating on the run. My diet changed in that I started eating easy, low prep things like packaged string cheese, cottage cheese, salads with cheese, yogurt, etc. I was exhausted and drinking triple the amount of coffee I used to. I was also eating chicken sausage, chicken in salad, chicken everything because it was easy.

Jordan told me I needed to take out dairy and chicken, replace coffee with tea (caffeine is ok, coffee is not) and take an individualized herbal formula that he made for me. My first thought was that he was definitely trying to make me miserable. I love cheese, and I am from NJ, I have been a coffee drinker my entire life.  However, I was uncomfortable enough that I would take this experiment on for a month and time would tell.

It worked. The next month I had NO cramps. I did not even know my period was coming. I have now been through four cycles successfully. This experience taught me that diet can have a profound influence on our bodies. Dietary modifications are  low-risk with possible significant therapeutic benefit.

SP, Los Angeles

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I am incredibly grateful that I went to Jordan! I got hemorrhoids the last month of my pregnancy and I had been dealing with flare-ups for the past 2 1/2 years. I was able to resolve them by home treatment. However, about 2 1/2 months ago, I had an extremely bad flare-up and I unsuccessfully tried home treatment for 2 months (it was so bad I was basically on bed rest). Then, I was in so much pain that I went to the emergency room. They gave me painkillers, told me to get surgery asap and sent me on my way. I went to Jordan 2 days later; he was professional, caring and I immediately felt comfortable talking to him about my issue. I was 100% healed within 2 weeks! Now, I am back to enjoying life again and I owe it to Jordan and his methods. Highly recommend!!!

KF, Los Angeles

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I think Jordan is very grounded and sensible in his approach to obtaining a healthy life style.   I was a bit skeptical of some of the changes, however,  I saw immediate positive results and that is why I have found the challenge not as difficult as I had thought it would be. 

I am happy to recommend Jordan and will continue to do so when the opportunities arise.

DM, Northridge

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Jordan Hoffman is the best in his business, bar none. I have been to many doctors, acupuncturists and healers and Jordan is the best diagnostician and the most down to earth, intelligent, compassionate, patient and loyal of any I have ever met. Jordan has helped my family through a severe toxic mold exposure and we see him for many other ailments including urinary tract infections, amalgam toxicity, colds, flus, food poisoning, injuries and more. We consider Jordan to be our family doctor. We are blessed to have him.

KG, Culver City

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If you have never experienced acupuncture or have had less than a good experience, I personally endorse highly trained acupuncturist, Jordan Hoffman, who is my personal miracle worker.

Among other health issues, Jordan has relieved or eliminated the following forms of pain: neck, thumb, and leg. He is principled, serious, and will not promote all kinds of extra costs.

If you are frustrated with your lack of results from Western medicine, Jordan is your "go-to" person.

GH, Studio City

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Jordan has changed my daughter’s life!

By the age of five, her tonsils and adenoids had been removed and her sinuses were lasered to make more “space” for her to breathe.  Despite these radical treatments, she was still getting sinus infections that antibiotics were unable to cure.   She was coughing through the night, always a mouth breather, and often home sick.

Within 2 weeks of her first visit to Jordan, the coughing was gone and she was using her nose- day and night!  Hooray!  She is now wheat and dairy-free.  Of course that is its own challenge, but much less of one than dealing with a sick child.

At Thanksgiving, our family has a tradition of going around the table so everyone has a chance to say what they are thankful for.  This year my daughter said, “I’m thankful that I don’t eat wheat and dairy so I don’t have to miss any more playdates and birthday parties.”

I’m thankful for Jordan’s presence in our lives!

KE, Manhattan Beach

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The thought of eliminating milk products and coffee from my diet at first seemed impossible. My morning coffee was part of how I lived and dairy was a major part of my diet. Shock-tea in the morning is simply fine and removing dairy has me feeling way better in ways hard to describe, I’ve lost weight and seem to be less hungry-pretty terrific!
Thanx Jordan!
GH, Studio City

small yin yang Jordan Hoffman is absolutely amazing! He has literally changed my life for the better. When I came to him, I was constantly sick. My physician could not figure out what it was at all. From my first appointment, my health rapidly began improving. I can honestly say that a year later, I am in a hundred times better health than I was before going to him. I appreciate everything he has done and encourage everyone to go. He is simply amazing!
JM, Los Angeles
small yin yang I was suffering from an intense intestinal disorder last year, and my primary physician and specialist offered very little support and guidance. They were able to perform helpful procedures to get a better sense of the severity of the problem and to begin to diagnose it - yet, still, they weren't completely sure what they were diagnosing and all they did was suggest numerous medications that didn't help.

Jordan, on the other hand, helped guide me through a thorough investigation of my diet and habits of dealing with stress. Each week that I saw him, I was able to make more informed choices about nutrition and lifestyle until finally, we got to the point where I felt "cured." I was amazed.

Jordan is incredibly friendly, down-to-earth, easy to work with, and supportive. He is simply a guide with incredible wisdom, intuition, and lots of research to back up his advice. I felt like I came away from my sessions with him better equipped to heal myself, never feeling confused, powerless, or dependent on anyone but myself to do the necessary healing.

I highly recommend seeing this incredibly compassionate, skilled, and accessible healer if you are feeling off and want to be back in good health.
JD, Los Angeles
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I had the good fortune to meet Jordan many years ago when he was doing massage therapy and studying Chinese medicine. I was visiting LA then, healing from surgery, and dealing with associated sadness. Jordan was hands-on (literally and figuratively) with body work and healing advice. I never forgot how compassionate his care was, so when I developed some back and hip pain/movement problems during my winter sojourn in LA this year, I returned to him. Jordan's expert application of acupuncture, body work and Chinese herbs--along with dietary recommendations--have improved my mobility, managed my pain, and made me more mindful of my body and my health. I recommend him to anyone who has been frustrated by allopathic medicine--or just wants to feel better!
BS, Chicago

small yin yang Jordan has a wonderful energy. He is completely engaged in my healing process on all levels. After only a few visits, my symptoms have subsided tremendously. I feel so blessed to have the pleasure of learning from him and for seeing fast results. I would highly recommend him to anybody looking to improve their condition however big or small!
KS, Los Angeles
small yin yang Jordan saved my mind! For years I had been dealing with health issues doctors could not explain. I had gotten many opinions and gone through many tests. They showed nothing. They said it was stress and severe allergies and that I was imagining the other symptoms I told them I had. That was the easiest thing to say for the doctors who didn't have answers!!! All of this made me even more stressed out; I was going crazy almost convinced they were right until I met Jordan a year ago. Everything he did and advised me to do made sense. My problems have been disappearing one by one since then. I am so truly grateful and immensely happy to have met Jordan. Without hesitation, I will always ask his opinion when it comes to my health.
HO, Woodland Hills

Jordan is absolutely amazing. He has a very supportive and measured approach to helping you learn to live a healthier life. I recommend him to anyone who cares about their health.

Within two months of seeing him, I made some minor changes to my diet and I've never felt better. I have gotten rid of my nasal congestion (something I thought was hereditary), feel more energetic and alert, and lost almost 10 +/- pounds in 8 +/- weeks!

Thank you Jordan!

AT, Los Angeles

I received acupuncture and Chinese herbal treatments from Jordan for about 6 months in 2006. I was pleased with the results of the work and enjoy the lasting benefits of his diagnosis and treatment plan. He is thoughtful, communicative, and skillful in his approach to human relations. One has the feeling that he lives his work and practice, and this sense of coherence in any practitioner is an adjunct to the pursuit of wellness that must not be underestimated. He is sincere in his aspirations, diligent and professional in the applications of his chosen field of study. Highly recommended!


CM, Malibu

While Jordan was attending Emperor’s College of Traditional Oriental Medicine, a friend, who is also an acupuncturist, referred me to him. I saw him religiously for about 1 1/2 years, every other week. Jordan has an extensive and broad knowledge base in the healing arts. He is a nurturing, supportive, understanding, discrete, confident, and supportive health practitioner. His open attitude and personality go a long way in benefiting his treatments. I found him and his treatments to be of great benefit to my emotional being as well as my physical body. He was of great support to me in the process of the healing of my body and life.

SC, Santa Monica

I started acupuncture treatments with Jordan during his fourth year of acupuncture school. He is a wonderful combination of intelligence, compassion, intuition and warmth! He explains the “how” and “why” of his treatment plans. He listens to what you say before arriving at a conclusion and then deliberately and thoroughly develops a treatment plan. He is able to address an issue from different perspectives, allowing him to modify and accommodate treatments according to your changing needs. On top of all this, he has an excellent bedside manner! I am truly grateful to have found such a caring and well-rounded practitioner.


AA, Los Angeles

Jordan Hoffman is one of the most dedicated and caring individuals I have ever had the pleasure of working with. I have sought out many types of natural healing therapies, and acupuncture has given me amazing results. With Jordan's help I have been able to achieve wonderful health in a peaceful and safe environment. Jordan creates a sense of calm when you meet him and continues to promote wellness through his kindness for his patients and his love for what he does. Jordan Hoffman Acupuncture is a place where you can find an "east meets west" approach to medicine. I am grateful for having such an open and honest healing practitioner!

BH, Silver Lake

Eight months ago when I was researching natural ways to help treat alcoholism and depression I came across Jordan's bio and was overjoyed to find out that he has helped many addicts with recovery. His extensive knowledge of acupuncture, Chinese medicinal herbs, and how the body goes through detox has helped me stay sober for over six months. With his help I've been able to stop taking antidepressants and have had much success in stabilizing my moods. Jordan is a good listener and gives feedback to any problem and is able to judge the treatment plan accordingly. He's thorough with his explanations and is never put out by any amount of questions I might have. His easy going nature and sense of humor makes it a pleasure to come in every week. I never would have been able to come this far without his help and I thank him from the bottom of my heart for

KL, Los Angeles

I had hand surgery to correct a severe contraction in the tendons of my right hand at UCLA Hospital on 12/22/08. Because the surgery required the cutting of thousands of nerves, I was in extreme pain. Two days later I began PT (physical therapy) but was unable to do PT due to the pain that was not relieved by any of the many pain killers prescribed for me. In March 2009, I was referred to Jordan Hoffman who was very enthusiastic & hopeful that he could help me. He performed acupuncture to relieve pain & swelling. He gave me herbal soaks to decrease pain & promote healing. Within three weeks, my pain was reduced 50-75% & the scar tissue was notably softened. The depression & hopelessness I felt due to the pain vanished. Jordan produced results far beyond my expectations. The success of Jordan's treatments is obvious because I would not be able to type this statement if my hand was still in the condition it was in before Jordan began treating me.

BC, Santa Monica

Be Ready to be Pain-Free with Jordan's Treatments!
After several treatments for shoulder pain I made an appointment with Jordan. He asked me question in our first interview that no other Physician had asked before. I took that as someone dedicated and compassionate, someone who really wants you to be well! I've had excellent results and peaceful naps each time I visit with Jordan.
I trust him with my teenage kid!


MB, Los Angeles

Great Acupuncture Experience!
Jordan possesses the expertise, the kindness and the ability to treat each person as an individual with special attention paid to detail. Visits included acupuncture treatments, personalized learning and behavioral insightthat extend far beyond the visit. I learned far more then I expected and this has greatly impacted my health.

EN, Beverly Hills

I have been treated by Jordan several times and each time I get wonderful results. Jordan is caring and gentle...excellent qualities in someone providing his kind of services.

IH, Culver City

I've been a patient of Jordan Hoffman's for about six months now and I have to say that he's amazing. I'd never had acupuncture before I met him and I find the whole experience to be absolutely wonderful - from the very beginning, with his detailed assessment, to the procedure and the follow up, his attention to each patient's needs makes the whole process easy and relaxing. I recommend him highly!!

CH, Santa Monica

Jordan is a special treasure. I was referred to Jordan because I wanted help with my sleeping issues.  Though I am a strong advocate of Western Medicine, I was most impressed from my first initial visit with Jordan. With his wisdom, patience and caring, he pierced through my armor and identified my real issues, which was truly amazing.  He asked meaningful questions and took time with me so that I could understand his approach to healing.

Between my acupuncture sessions with Jordan, he emailed me information about my conditions and, in his gentle forceful way, encouraged me with suggestions of what I should be doing between sessions.  For example, he emailed me a relevant article about why I experience stomach discomfort.  I was shocked to learn that it was not because my stomach is overlyacidic but because my stomach does not produce enough acid.  I have since decreased my dependence on antacids.  His simple recommendation of breathing exercises prior to eating, prior to starting my car and prior to entering my office has been brilliant. I am blessed to have met him and to have him in my life.

SS, Los Angeles

A friend referred me to Jordan Hoffman when my husband & I were trying to get pregnant. My menstrual periods were always on the longer side (35-42 days), which made my chances of getting pregnant fewer each month. I was hopeful that with some acupuncture I could shorten them and perhaps become pregnant quicker. Within 1 month of working with Jordan, taking the recommended concoctions of herbs, weekly acupuncture treatments, and following his nutritional advice my cycle had shortened to 28 days!! WOW! The best news is I am now pregnant, a few months later, with a healthy & strong baby due in December! Needless to say, I am impressed, not only with Jordan’s knowledge and expertise but also what a compassionate and personable healer he is. Jordan’s passion for his work brilliantly shines through in every way.

SH, Manhattan Beach


I first came to see Jordan after injuring my shoulder doing judo. I was nervous about trying acupuncture, but Jordan was very reassuring, and my shoulder healed much more quickly than I had expected it to.

A few months later, after a series of major losses in my life, I became seriously depressed. This was a totally different problem, but once again, Jordan’s treatments made a big difference. I looked forward to coming to see him because he’s empathetic, he really listens, and he gives great lifestyle and dietary advice. He also has this warm, masculine kind of nurturing energy that I just love. During a few of the most difficult months of my life, sessions with Jordan were pretty much the only thing that made me feel better.

Jordan seems born to be a healer, and his enthusiasm for what he does is infectious and inspiring. I’m so grateful to have found him.

  SA, Los Angeles
I have been to many acupuncturists in the past and from the moment I started the intake with Jordan I knew I was in very thorough and capable hands. The level of attention you receive and time devoted to your needs is indicative of the quality he provides. Even though I went in with a specific need Jordan always kept the whole picture in mind. Jordan is one of my few go-to people and I highly recommend him.
  MS, Santa Monica


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