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   which contains thought.


Acupuncture is a safe and effective form of medical treatment. Through the insertion of fine, hair-thin needles into points along energetic pathways, called channels or meridians, the subtle energies of the body can be rebalanced.

The goal of acupuncture is to identify areas of excess stagnation and areas of weakness and redistribute the Qi, or vital energy. Choosing which points to needle involves understanding the functions of each individual point, the pattern of the disharmony, and the best way of addressing that pattern on that given day.

What causes such imbalances?

  lack of exercise
  seasonal changes
  poor diet
  congenital conditions
  or simply living the lifestyle of excess that is common in our modern day culture.

We go, go, go, and seldom take time to rest and restore. Receiving an acupuncture session is often a prime opportunity to go somewhere quiet and restful, shut off your cell phone, be listened to and supported, and simply lay still. Never underestimate the very real healthful benefit of simply tuning into your body and creating greater stillness. What can Acupuncture treat?


When you come to see me, after a thorough history and intake, I arrive at a diagnosis. In Chinese Medicine, a diagnosis is a pattern of disharmony. Though acupuncture alone may be of great help, there are some patterns that are more quickly addressed with a combination of acupuncture and Chinese herbal formulas.

When I prescribe herbs, I go through a detailed diagnostic process that enables me to be incredibly precise in not just my diagnosis, but also in my choice of herbs. This also allows me to give you just one bottle of herbs for all your needs, making the process convenient for dosing and very affordable.

I use pharmaceutical-grade extracts of Chinese Medicinal herbs from top of the line companies based in Southern California that use the strictest quality control testing methods to ensure that their herbs are accurate and free of any heavy metals or other toxic materials. And I only use plant materials.





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